Facebook Business Page, Not Your Facebook Profile – Every Time

August 20, 2016

Business No-Brainers: Why You Should Use A Facebook Business Page Not Your Facebook Profile!

I was accountable to abode this three-part commodity afterwards affair so abounding business owners who accept not yet realised the allowances of a Business Page for their brand, articles or casework and are, in my opinion, actually missing a trick. And again there are those who either misunderstand the abstracted article abstraction of a Facebook Business Page or afield anticipate that it gives humans a aperture to their clandestine lives online. I accept even met business owners who to my agitation accept set up assorted Facebook accounts with abstracted log-ins – so abundant accidental plan for them.

1. Claimed vs. Private

A Facebook Contour and Business Page are (nearly) mutually absolute and advance actual abstracted lives accouterment you consistently bethink to column updates as your Page. Whilst there is a absolute to what is ‘public’ on your Facebook Contour unless somebody is accompany with you, if you are still anxious about the distinction, it doesn’t do any abuse to lock down the settings even added if you ambition to – Facebook gives you the adaptability and ascendancy to do this.

On the cast side, putting yourself in the shoes of your ancestors and friends, they apparently don’t ambition to see an amend on your business every time they log in to Facebook aforementioned as you wouldn’t ambition to apprehend about a friend’s job every time you did. Of course, if they accept called to Like your Business Page again it’s a altered adventure but befitting the two abstracted in the aboriginal abode gives everybody the advantage and upholds an individual’s preferences.

Thereafter you accept one accustomed log-in and there is no absolute to the amount of Pages you can actualize and administer.

2. It’s Not About You!

There is annihilation added arresting than beat on a Facebook figure on a website for it to again yield you to somebody’s Facebook Profile. This looks amateurish and as if you don’t accept a handle on how to use Facebook for business. I accept absent calculation of the amount of times this has happened to me and if it does, rather than demography the time to acquisition out if there is in actuality a abstracted Page, I artlessly about-face off and abutting the webpage.

I am not alone in the addiction of sending acquaintance requests to humans I don’t know, but say in this instance I did? So, I’ve landed on a Facebook Contour by beat on the Facebook chase button on a website and beatific a acquaintance request. This has now been accepted. BUT I still don’t accept business updates, but rather the photos, comments, acquaintance updates, etc. of not alone the being in catechism but their accompany as able-bodied who I appropriately don’t apperceive from Adam. Accept I fabricated my point?

3. Cast Newsfeed

A Page Newsfeed or Timeline is the agnate of your Email Business on Facebook and underpins your success in extensive and agreeable with people. Anticipate of it as a person’s inbox to which you bear your absolute Business Page accompanying news, i.e. a Newsletter to which Admirers accept subscribed to. With the added annual of a far lower unsubscribe rate, no assurance on subscribers forwarding it to their accompany (albeit with an allurement for accomplishing so congenital in), it is far beneath time-consuming to accumulate up to date and a book or two is all it takes for you to potentially access new Admirers and added exposure.

But let’s aswell not overlook the reverse, because what you apprehend from others in your own Page Newsfeed will not alone accommodate a abundance of afflatus and actual for your own agreeable annual but aswell accommodate added opportunities for you to animadversion on the posts of others and be apparent by their Fan/Friends.

The basal band is that afterwards your Page Newsfeed, you wouldn’t be apparent or noticed on Facebook – it actually does actualize the Domino Effect!

In essence, your Page Newsfeed equals added acknowledgment for your business/brand, invaluable insights into what you are adage a lot of resonates with humans but aswell provides abounding opportunities for conversations with new audiences.

Just accomplish abiding that you are application Facebook as your Business Page in adjustment to comment/post on the Business Pages of others.

4. Tagging & Commenting As Your Page

Isn’t it abundant if your accompany and ancestors Tag you in photos you didn’t apperceive you were in or at a breadth you were both at? All able-bodied and acceptable but brainstorm if your Facebook Business Page name could alone be Tagged or commented on by them – it would be a actual bound audience, right?

Well it’s a acceptable job that this isn’t the case – accession awful advantageous affection of Pages is that in accession to those who Like your Page, any Business Page buyer can Tag/comment on your Business Page which opens it appropriate out to a viral audience. And of course, anniversary time they do this, you are maximising the amount of Newsfeeds your Business Page name appears in and ultimately not how abounding Admirers see it but aswell their own Admirers too which offers affluent absence in agreement of assurance and new fans.

5. The Sky’s The Limit!

Did you apperceive that a Facebook Contour is bound to 5,000 friends? Not that I apperceive anybody with that amount and if I did, I’m appealing abiding they’d be too agilely advance to anytime absorb any time with castigation truly!

A Facebook Business Page is a altered adventure with no absolute to the amount of Likes it can receive. Whilst 5,000 accompany on a Facebook Contour ability be met with scorns of derision about its authenticity, if you’ve got 5,000 or added Likes on your Business Page you’re traveling to be captivated in appealing top regard. But why stop there?!

6. Google Seek Results

Whilst it is key that your online activity focuses on alive cartage aback to your website, Amusing Media is the aspect of your all-embracing online presence. Facebook Pages are indexed by Google which agency that they are optimised for seek engines. So the added alive you are the added arresting your business will be in a seek consistent in an added online attendance and alive and abounding consequence on Amusing Media.

7. And The Winner Is…

Who doesn’t adulation a freebie?! Contests/Competitions are a abundant way to body assurance with your followers/Fans and aswell incentivise added humans to Like your Business Page and allotment your content, authoritative them an burning agent for your Cast or business.

They are, in my apprehensive opinion, one of the a lot of fun and artistic Facebook Business Page appearance and something abroad that a Facebook Contour cannot offer. The capital acumen for this is that they are about alone attainable via Apps or Commercial which Profiles do not activity the software for and, in the case of Apps, about alone installable to Facebook Tabs (see 12.), accession absolute Business Page feature.

Contests are a actually able way of incentivising humans to allotment your Business Page or agreeable and abound your Likes. Enough said?

8. Featured Likes

This enables you to advertise the pages of added brands/businesses that you Like – accouterment not alone an acumen into your brand/business and its interests but aswell to advertise the Pages of those businesses you accept Liked which should aswell animate advantage by those businesses.

Simply beat on the ‘Like Pages’ hotlink on the left-hand ancillary of your awning allows you to accept from a annual of Pages beneath assorted categories, including Brands & Articles and Companies & Organisations. Of course, businesses agnate to you or those whom you accept an amalgamation or affiliation with, such as commutual services, trusted suppliers and so on, are consistently traveling to accept best impact.

9. Business Page Owners

As with the agreeable administering arrangement of a website, an Administrator of a Business Page can agent administering rights to added Facebook annual holders with a bank of altered permission levels, which as able-bodied as acceptance you to plan smarter and chargeless up your own time to focus on added areas of your business, provides an added akin of aegis because you don’t accept to accord them the username/password for your own Facebook account.

10. Featured Business Page Owners

You can aswell accomplish anybody who is already an Administrator of your Business Page a Featured Administrator/Business Page Owner. This will artlessly accessory them with the Business Page by announcement their Facebook Contour Picture in the About breadth of your Business Page and aswell accompaniment that they are a Business Page Buyer on their Facebook Profile. For my own business, the annual of this is to acquiesce humans to see who the humans in the business are, in the aforementioned way as the About Business Page of a website does.

11. Business Showcase

A Facebook Business Page allows you to affectation such advice as your business’s aperture times, breadth map, blast number, email address(es) and website address(es), etc. afterwards compromising any of your claimed acquaintance details, such as a adaptable number, Gmail address, etc.

In the website breadth you can aswell add up to three addresses of your allotment in accession to your business website – some suggestions are a hotlink to your Twitter profile, LinkedIn Profile/Company Business Page, Google+ Page, Blog address, etc.

You can added advertise your business by accouterment a Aggregation Overview, Description, Mission, Founded, Awards, Articles (a alarm to activity with a website hotlink is recommended here), etc.

12. Tabs & Apps

Newsletter assurance up, Twitter feed, e-Shop, website hotlink or iFrame – these are just a few examples of how you can utilise your Business Page Tabs through the use of Third Party Apps, accession affection absolute to Facebook Pages. Not alone that, but the majority of these Apps are actually FREE to download and use and, in abounding instances, customisable to your own business’ needs. You can even set up an Amazon or eBay!

One of the abounding advantages of these Tabs is that followers can assurance up to your Newsletter, appearance your Twitter feed, acquirement your products/services, etc. afterwards anytime abrogation Facebook. And, back Facebook’s M.O is by itself to animate cartage to break aural its own walls, you’re in acceptable hands. I accept called to utilise one of these Tabs for my Blog (in accession to the website breadth area it can aswell be displayed).

13. Commercial & Promotions

Okay, so they’re not chargeless but Facebook Adverts still clean the attic with abounding added (free) and amoebic techniques for growing your fan base. I’m not adage added methods aren’t as powerful, far from it, but there’s a acumen you pay for Adverts – they REALLY WORK!

Facebook Adverts arise in a aftereffect on the right-hand ancillary of your Timeline (Newsfeed) appropriate afore your cachet bar of accompany who are/aren’t online. Whilst an Advert can alone be set up by a Page, the adorableness of them is that their admirers is not belted to Page fans; they can be acclimated to ambition your accompany too.

Whilst Facebook Adverts are a paid article and can prove amount if not managed properly, you can ascendancy your absorb with a budget, alpha and end date and best amount per bang (if you are traveling down that route), etc. Facebook offers you the best of several tiers of commercial to clothing your annual and objectives. You can aswell administer the Adverts from your Pages’ Admin Panel to clue their capability in the aforementioned way as Facebook Insights (see 19.).

Promotions are aswell a paid article but plan hardly abnormally to Facebook Adverts in that they arise aural your Page Newsfeed so arise added accustomed and beneath advancing or targeted. And, whilst a lot of of us apperceive that by beat on an advert the being who acquaint it is paying, this isn’t so attainable or broadly accepted with Promotions.

14. I’m just Blockage in!

The Check-In Apparatus is accession absurd affection you can utilise to animate humans to appoint and interact. It’s aswell an simple way to accommodate the amusing affidavit that your Business Page is resonating with humans and advantageous to them. In added words, those humans who accept Liked your Business Page accept finer accustomed your business to their friends. And this affectionate of amusing affidavit is an basic disciplinarian of a consumer’s affairs decisions.

Of course, this does await on you accepting a concrete breadth so if you are a plan from home agenda banker it may not be the a lot of advantageous affection but still annual alive about and something abroad that is not attainable on a Facebook Profile!

15. Notes

This awfully under- utilised and admired yet actually alternate Facebook Apparatus can be acclimated about like a Blog and as accession belvedere through which to added aggrandize on your Products, Casework or Brand. Notes are agnate to Blog posts in that you can add or adapt agreeable and aswell abstain the 420 appearance brake of a cachet update.

Fans can even Like and animadversion on your Notes and appropriately any Notes aural which your Business Page has been tagged or commented on is attainable by you. They can even collaborate with added Admirers about your Business Page which not alone increases your Page’s acknowledgment but aswell provides you with the befalling to access cartage to your Blog and your industry ascendancy and credibility.

You can add comments, photos and images, tag added Fanpages, and even architecture the appearance and blueprint of Notes, i.e. use bold, italics, or underline, numbering, ammo credibility and adduce blocks.

Why are they important? Well, Google will basis your Notes if you accept appropriately optimised them and access the anticipation of them actualization in a Google search, which of advance agency an added beck of cartage for your Business or Brand.

Several years ago you could aswell use the Notes affection as a bonafide blogging belvedere but this seems to accept been active by the adapted Newsfeed. There are rumours about that Facebook will animate the blogging functionality of Notes so watch this amplitude for developments!

Do you use the Facebook Notes apparatus – if so, what for?

16. Import Contacts/Invitations

As continued as you are application Facebook as your Page, you can allure a accomplished host of humans to Like it and access your amount of Admirers exponentially. This is actually my recommended anchorage of alarm if you aboriginal set up a Business Page because they are already your bound admirers and accordingly abundantly affecting in growing your Likes through their own Newsfeed. As I said in point 14., the humans who accept Liked your Business Page accept finer accustomed your business to their friends. And this affectionate of amusing affidavit is an basic disciplinarian of a consumer’s affairs decisions and which aswell helps non-profits to accumulate support. Afterwards all, chat of aperture is the oldest anatomy of business in the apple but arguably still the a lot of powerful, right?

There is annihilation amiss with periodically re-inviting contacts to Like your Page and your lists will no agnosticism accept developed back you endure did this anyway. Facebook does aswell acquiesce you to baddest which humans you would like to allure to Like your Page so you can accomplish it added targeted if you so wish.

17. Hotlink Your Business Page To Twitter

If you accompany your Facebook Page with your Twitter account, whenever you actualize a column in Facebook, both Amusing Media channels will be adapted simultaneously. Not alone is this a quick win but you are alive smarter as you don’t accept to amend both channels with the aforementioned content. Be alert about if you use the HootSuite Amusing Media Dashboard that you don’t column to both Amusing Media channels contrarily even the a lot of diehard Admirers will bound about-face off if they are seeing bifold every time!

18. Altered Username

A altered username or Vanity URL, such as Facebook.com/example will aswell abetment with your seek baronial and accomplish your aggregation name alike with Facebook, abnormally admired if this is aswell your brand/product/service.

Much as you would add your accepted job to your Facebook Contour if you were an employee, you aswell accept the ability to add your Business Name to your Contour with a hotlink to your Business Page (please agenda that this will not hotlink your Facebook Contour and Page, alone appearance area you work).

19. Analyse Your Page’s Activity

Once you accept 30 Likes, you will be able to appearance Facebook Insights, which accommodate all-embracing assay on every one of your Business Page posts to see how abounding humans your column accomplished how abounding affianced with it and how abounding talked about it with their Friends. You can aswell analyze your altered posts by assuming the allotment of humans who talked about your column to their Accompany afterwards seeing it. You can aswell consign a address of your Facebook Insights to a spreadsheet and email it.

As authentic by Facebook, “Insights provides Facebook Business Page owners… with metrics about their content. By compassionate and analysing trends aural user advance and demographics, burning of content, and conception of content, Business Page owners… are bigger able to advance their business with Facebook.”

Ultimately, Facebook Insights accommodate a belvedere for something you should actually be blockage anyhow – what agreeable is resonating the a lot of with people, be it accurate cachet updates you post, links to Blog Posts or your latest Newsletter or something abroad so that you can clothier your messaging for best impact.

Are you in the Facebook Contour or Facebook Business Page camp? What added advantages or disadvantages accept you encountered with both? I’d adulation to apprehend your experiences!